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Red Square
Products & Services Overview

Beltech Engineering and Associates Inc believes that to provide the highest level of service and quality to our customers we must understand our customers needs and their equipment in detail.   We are in a constant pursuit of Reliability and Efficiency for our customers systems, understanding that achieving the highest level of quality possible requires seamless communication between the five areas of our services. 

  1. Engineering Services
  2. Maintenance Services
  3. Equipment and Systems
  4. Parts Supply
  5. Health and Safety

Regardless of which service is being provided, the input from the other services is critical. 

For example, to effectively engineer a pneumatic conveying system, the frequency and the complexity of the maintenance must be known and minimized, the parts must be maintained as generic as possible and the safety requirements must be established and achieved.  Trying to complete any of these areas after the system is designed normally compromises the design, is time consuming, frustrating and costly.

Please review our complete line of Products and Services and call us at (905) 563-8500 and we can determine how we can best serve you and your facility.

Red Square
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Red Square
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