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Maintenance Services Overview

Preventative Maintenance Program takes normal maintenance on step further by tracking the wear characteristics of each component so that it is removed from service prior to failure.  Removed components are refurbished at our facility so they are available for service again but at fraction of the cost of new.  We also provide with this service, engineering analysis of each system to determine the opportunities to eliminate any ongoing maintenance issues and improve the overall system reliability.

Emergency Maintenance Service gives you the peace of mind that is you do have a sudden failure that we are available to respond at moments notice and will work to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  You are give two phone numbers and we will take care of the rest to coordinate the required team.

Parts Supply is a stocking service of the parts that you need to keep your system running.  We negotiate the best rates possible from our suppliers and pass any saving on to you to try and secure your long-term business.  Also, if there is need for a certain part in your process we have the expertise to possibly recommend a better part for that purpose that will be most cost effective and have improved performance and reliability.

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