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Wet Scrubbers

Vapours, chemical compounds and very fine particulates require the high efficiency cleaning of a Wet Scrubber.  Wet scrubbers rely on the formation and collection of water droplets to remove contaminates from the airstream.  Air, at high velocity, is passed through the throat of the scrubber while water is added to the airstream.  The mixing of the air and water initiates condensation and droplet formation.  Water is often atomized to further increase the efficiency.

The design of a Wet Scrubbing System is a science very different from that of dry filtration.  There are several variations on the technology that provide specific advantages depending on the process.  The design therefore requires the experience of knowledgeable engineers to ensure that all the critical parameters, such as required pressure drop, nozzle feed rate and required bleed rate have been analyzed and determined.  Call and we can discuss whether your application requires a wet scrubber or one of our other environmental control systems.

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