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Travelling Exhaust

Close Capture Exhaust for Mobile Sources
The Beltech Travelair Exhaust System captures emissions from the mobile sources while moving along a track.

The system is installed along the crane runway or monorail track.
As the crane travels along its runway/monorail, it pulls the exhaust transfer car along, which opens the flexible seal and provides suction to the travelling close capture hood.

Travelling Hood Systems
Provides close capture of emissions from mobile sources. Used in conjunction with:

Overhead Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Tripper Cars

Beltech has designed and installed Travelair Exhaust Systems with straight and curved runs in applications dealing with high heat, sparks, noxious gases, designated particulate, nuisance dusts and vapours.  If absolute capture is critical to your process, the Travelair System provides the capture you require with the minimum amount of exhaust volume, providing you with the best performance at the lowest operating costs.

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