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Cartridge Dust Collectors

The Beltech Engineering system of dust collectors is an efficient, low maintenance medium-pressure pulse cartridge style dust collection system, manufactured to your exact specifications. This design, unlike traditional designs, moves the incoming particulate air stream perpendicular (90°) to that of the falling dust from the cleaning process of the cartridge. The result is the captured dust in the hopper, stays in the hopper, and is not re-introduced to the air stream. This is critical for extended cartridge life and effective filter cleaning. If replacing blinded cartridges on a constant basis is a maintenance issue at your facilities, the may be your answer.

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Designed to save time and money!
Crossflo systems designed by Beltech are designed to for maintenance efficiency. For instance, our clamping channel is accessible through tool-less door openings and tool-less clamping channel.
Our goal at Beltech, is to provide equipment that is the highest level of functional design.  Our units are designed to strong, efficient and simple.  Please contact us for more information at (905) 563-8500 or e-mail to

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