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Pressure/ Vacuum Transport Lines

Avoid clumsy tote boxes, super sacks, screw conveyors, vibratory conveyors when trying to handle your material.  Pressure and vacuum pneumatic transport systems can practically be designed to convey anything…including live chickens!

If you have a fragile product, pasta for example, we can convey it with minimal product degradation and over long distances through our Dense Phase Systems.  If you have a toxic product, we can convey it in a completely enclosed transport system so that you have zero-emission problems.  If you want your product recycled back into your process, we can design a multiple feed point system that can deliver your material back to the process wherever and however you like.

Once a system is installed and operational, a pressure or vacuum pneumatic transport system becomes a low cost simple system, which means the critical stage, is in the design of the system to ensure a trouble-free start-up and on-going operation.   Beltech Engineering and Associates Inc through what we have learned from our maintenance service and continue to learn through out Test Facility are able to design the right system for you.  Call and we can design a system for you that are dust-tight and use less space than any other type of material transport system.

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