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Bulklift-Dilute and Two Phase Conveying
No Moving Parts” Pneumatic Elevator

The System
The Beltech Bulklift System is a space efficient, low maintenance air operated material elevator with absolutely no moving parts; no valves, no actuators or seals. BulkliftThe Beltech Bulklift harnesses the hydrostatic pressure of a fluidized material to transport the product in both vertical and combined vertical and horizontal arrangements.  Sealed feeds are not required and thus conveyor belts, vibratory conveyors and ambient chutes can be used as opposed to traditional pneumatic conveying systems that required a sealed pipe or chute feed.   The advantage of no moving parts makes the Bulklift ideal for pneumatic conveying of highly abrasive, friable or high temperature products to beyond 900°F. 

Why install a Bucket Elevator when you can install a Pipe?
Installation of the Bulklift is as easy as installing any pipe run.  Locate the Bulklift vessel and the Separator/Receiver and the rest is just flanged pipe.  A line carrying hundreds of tons per hour can be passed through floors and between equipment with the easy of a water line.

No Valves, No Actuators?... No Problems
The majority of the problems associated with conventionalpneumatic conveying systems have to do with leaking valves or faulty actuators. The Beltech Bulklift avoids these problems by eliminating these items. By doing this, maintenance costs are substantially reduced and time between required maintenance is significantly extended. Since the system works at atmospheric pressure there is no need for air locks or actuators. The Bulklift is truly a "No Moving Parts" low maintenance system.

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