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Equipment Overview

Beltech Engineering and Associates Inc is focused on competitively supplying the highest quality Pollution Control, Fresh Air Supply and Pneumatic Conveying equipment and systems available in the market.  Years of experience have provided us with the knowledge to design systems that are reliable, durable and easy to maintain

Our Dust Collection Systems come standard with an upgraded pulse cleaning system that not only uses less compressed air but also cleans more effectively and is gentler on the filters, extending overall system life.

Our Fresh Air Supply Systems are a unique design that provides clean, cool outside air to crane cabs while eliminating the need for bridge mounted units, thereby reducing maintenance and improving supplied air quality.   

Our Pneumatic Conveying Systems are custom designed to the specific needs of each application. With our material properties testing, are able to determine the exact handling and dusting parameters of your material, allowing us to design a system that provides the required throughput while considering wear, cost, maintenance and dust control.

Our Vacuum Systems provide you with the ability to maintain a clean work environment.  Our systems can made portable and are designed to convey the material to a tote box for easy handling and disposal.  Custom configurations can be designed as required to service multiple clean-up areas.  We also supply a complete line of industrial grade vacuum fittings to make clean up quick and easy.

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