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Engineering Services Overview

Beltech Engineering and Associates Inc has a full staff of Mechanical and Environmental engineers with a level of experience, knowledge and diligence to problem solving that would difficult to match anywhere else in the ventilation and /or pneumatic conveying industry.  Also, our extensive network of associates is available to assist us with problems when we need an even higher level of expertise.

System Analysis and Optimization is a detailed investigation of your particular system to try and determine if there is room to improve the performance or reliability of the system.  This is often utilized when added capacity is required due to production increase.  This process is also used to diagnose problematic systems that are not performing at the design levels.
Custom System Design is just that and is needed when the catalogue does not have what you are looking for.  Many of our customers need this service because they have tight facilities and need to maximize real estate usage and/or they have very complex materials and processes that need special designs to minimize wear and ensure utmost reliability.
Project Specification Preparation allows our customers to obtain the information they require to be able to obtain quotes and manage the project internally.  This is a cost effective option when the design requires some specialized detail engineering, yet the project management can be handled internally.
Project Management can be offered as a stand-alone service but is normally purchased as a continuation of the project specification preparation.  By allowing Beltech Engineering and Associates Inc to perform the project management you gain the experience that was gained during the specification process, our network of contractors and our administrative staff, which all communicate seamlessly to bring the project in on-time and on budget.

Material Properties Testing is used to determine the exact material handling and dusting parameters of your material.  This is required in many cases due to the unique nature of each material.  Testing done at our facility, which you are welcome to visit, and following testing a report will be submitted to you for your future reference.

System Balancing measures the airflow at each pick-up point and compares this to the intended design of the system.  Adjustments are made to blast gates to redirect airflow as required.  Recommendations are made if any system changes are required and an air balance report is submitted for your records.
MOE Order Response will assist you in the unfortunate event that you have received an order from the Ministry of the Environment for either Noise or Emissions.  We would assemble the action plan to address the items noted and communicate with the MOE to ensure that all aspects of the order are being addressed.

Air Quality Sampling is a service to periodically test the air quality of your facility in order to meet requirements of either labour agreements or MOL guidelines.  This service is sometimes also required as part of our custom system design to determine the contaminants present and their concentrations to ensure the appropriate system is installed.

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