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Large or small, all foundries contain similar issues with regards to fume/dust emissions and sand handling.  Our bulklift is a system that vertically conveys sand at temperatures in excess of 900°F replacing bucket elevators and traditional pressure conveying systems.  Our traveling exhaust system provides continuous, close capture exhaust of your crucibles and castings by moving with you to each location.  Each step of melting, tapping, mould preparation, casting, cooling, mould shake-out, sand reclaim and finishing process produce a need for ventilation systems and pneumatic conveying systems, which we custom design to suit your process.   

The variety of metals and casting methods used makes each process unique and requires our hands-on plant engineering approach to truly understand the details of each process; you must be in touch with the process and the product to make effective recommendations.

We supply the engineering services and Equipment to design the ventilation system or pneumatic conveying system you require. Coupled with our maintenance services team we provide a complete package to our customers who are then able to benefit from our exacting knowledge of their particular process.  We can supply you with our list of satisfied foundry customers.

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